Weather Wednesday: Wind Chill Explained

Weather Wednesday

You know that feeling when you wake up, check your Storm Team 2 app for the temperature, and then you walk outside and it feels EVEN COLDER than that? 

That’s wind chill. We rarely get dangerously cold here in the Lowcountry, unlike our neighbors to the north, but we still experience the wind chill factor to a certain extent.

Wind chill is a lot like it sounds – it’s how the wind impacts how the actual temperature feels to people and to animals.

It’s based on the rate of heat lost from exposed skin from the cold and wind. The more wind there is, the more this rate accelerates and the colder a certain temperature will feel. The wind helps to pull the heat away from your body at a faster rate than if conditions were calm.

We’ve already had a few nights down into the 30s this season. If you bump the winds up to, say, 20 mph, it’ll actually feel like 17 degrees outside. 

Thankfully that level of cold is not too dangerous for a short period of time, but it sure can impact your comfort level, and send you on a hunt for that heavier jacket.

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